If you hang on for more than 18 seconds - you’re a genius! :-)

Poking the mouse in the red square and move it by holding the left mouse button, and avoid contact with blue squares. Do not touch the black edges
If you hang on for more than 18 seconds - you’re a genius!
said that American military pilots can do more than 2 minutes.
I lasted 23 pp.

18 March 2007 | box, buttons, genius, seconds

1C petition for the abolition of copy protection in old games
Bill Gates lost a match, Rafael Marquez

• Pukni not lost! »»»
Funny flash game with the management of two buttons: Left - “hate”;) Spacebar (hold) - fart.
• SHAHMATON, drafts and other Tim »»»
A resident of Pavlodar, alias Ahmadil, invented a few games on the chess checkers theme.
• NASA will develop games »»»
The program, on which work is conducted in conjunction with military experts and representatives of the Federation of American Scientists, will be a short (10 to 20 minutes) prototype.
• Monkeys taught to play computer games »»»
Apes that learned to play computer games exhibit the same behavioral strategy that gamers are men.
• SBK '07: Superbike World Championship »»»
Black Bean Games today announced a new game from the Italian studio Milestone, responsible for titles such as Evolution GT and SCAR.