Traditional Steel recruitment forum - 2010.

The adopted strategy of development of metallurgical industry until 2020, provides for the next decade training and retraining of 1 million workers in the sector in connection with the impending shortage of professional personnel, technical upgrade and increase productivity.

The forum - the United Metallurgical professional community and educational institutions to discuss the sectoral program staffing. “Understanding that the current system of vocational training at all levels requires consolidation of efforts of governments, business, education, especially in the current conditions of transition of educational institutions at the regional level of authority and funding is very important. Do not lose the existing experience and to improve the training of specialists in general - here is a problem to be solved together, “- commented the director of personnel CherMK Severstal Alexander Osipov.

“We need a system of quality assessment of training on the basis of professional educational standards, - said the deputy DG George Shevtsov. - Development of standards - the joint responsibility of manufacturers and educators.” In his view, precisely because such a system in vocational education will form a competitive environment.

Greeted the audience at a meeting on “About the branch program staffing industry” asked the president Manitou “MISA”, the deputy State Duma on Karabasov YS. Among the key reports were statements of the President of the International Union of Metallurgists Kolpakov S., deputy State Duma on Shevtsova, GE, Deputy. Director of the Department of the basic industries of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Pinchuk, AV From the Ministry of Education and Science made Director of the complex coordination of programs in education and science and the budgeting process, Nikita A.

Vice-President of the International Foundation for Science and Culture Golosenko KI drew the attention of the forum on the need to establish centers of graduate education and training and retraining of the teaching staff. He said the new realities of the modernization of the economy this task should undertake their own employers, attract faculty from among the practitioners. In addition, the “industry needs not only managers but also the” generators of ideas, which focused on long-term development objectives for the industry at the international level. Should result in the level of training in line with international educational standards. ”

Director, Institute of Environmental Technology and Engineering in the Manitou “MISA” Kosyrev KL In its report, highlighted the key requirements of modern employers for young professionals, described the main forms of interaction between companies and universities, as well as the main factors affecting the quality of training. His views on the situation with staff in fishery products presented a number of large enterprises. Among them, NLMK, Severstal, JSC Chelyabinsk Tube Rolling Plant “Holding Company SIBPLAZ”, “Mechel”.

According to modern graduate employers have very vague ideas about future job responsibilities, excessive theoreticity preparation, isolation of the knowledge gained in high school, the practice does not know how to deal with modern equipment. Despite this, young professionals do not suffer from low self-esteem and make excessive demands on the initial salaries and positions. However, universities believe that students receive a good basic education, has a set of special knowledge and skills, can work in a team, language and computer training at a high level.

What are the possible forms of cooperation of universities and enterprises to improve the situation with professional staff in the workplace? Above all, this task order for training, mandatory involvement of employers in the learning process of students and they receive practical knowledge in the training period. Require training and retraining of teaching staff, material support universities.

Currently, 36 Russian universities are training engineers, bachelors and masters in the field of metallurgy, 90% - in 12 universities. MISA is the leading university in teaching and on methodical association (EMA) in the field of metallurgy. To ensure competitiveness and practicality of education requires a comprehensive approach to solving problems of education should be improved as techniques and technology of the educational process. Necessary adjustments to balance issues of education and labor market needs, develop and implement plans for training, the introduction of new forms of vocational training, including in accordance with international standards.

At the meeting it was decided to entrust the Organizing Committee on the basis of the reports and expert assessments to form a draft “Concept of the branch program staffing, the metallurgical industry of Russia and to present a paper at the next meeting of the Governmental Commission on metallurgy in Yekaterinburg. The industry together with the Ministry of Industry and Ministry of Education RF and RF to connect to this work. In developing the concept of sectoral program staffing industry, special attention should be paid to projects which bring together the efforts of business and government, including the creation of the Internet educational social network for mining and smelting complex. Learn more about creating, operating principles and advantages of the education network said in its report to the General Director of “Intellectual Resources” in Manitou “MISA” Kovshevny VV

It is planned that the concept of sectoral programs will include the following main sections: current status and forecast staffing needs, current state and prospects of development of metallurgical education (NGO-ACT-HPE), part of the state. The working draft will be sent to all participants of the meeting for approval.

After the meeting in the afternoon, took the floor to young professionals who are currently interested in obtaining decent and long-term employment. The boys presented themselves before the steel companies, told about their knowledge gained in the institute, about his plans, the requirements for a new job. It was the most daring competitors, and the rest were able to continue communication with employers on the stands of job fairs, which is traditionally held in the spring of MISA. With children come to socialize and to interview such leading steel companies like Severstal, Holding Company SIBPLAZ, Mechel, Chelyabinsk Tube Rolling Plant, Kolchugtsvetmet, United Metallurgical Company, Vyksa Steel Works, and the Group Promstroymetall (Moscow), Special Steels and Alloys, NLMK and other .

Additional information: National Research Technological University Moscow State Institute of Steel and Alloys Manitou “MISA” - the country’s leading institution for training engineers and scientists in the field of metallurgy and materials science, production and processing of metals, composites, powder, superconducting and semiconducting materials, development of advanced materials and technology, resource conservation and ecology, certification and quality management, economics and management, informatics and ACS.

13 June 2010

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