On the Internet you can now play for Putin

Among the fans of online gaming is gaining in popularity a new toy “Code Putin.” Actually, the background is told in the instructions for the game: Soviet scientists have created a secret suitcase, which went from general secretaries to presidents. Not yet got to the desktop to Putin.

Participants are offered a choice - six traditional games, converted, taking into account the political realities of today. For example, you can play in the “harvest” - an analog of the well-known “worm”, which is even older models of mobile phones. Putin, cheered by the music rides on the combine on the field, picking corn on the cob. Guard chasing him in the head as Khrushchev on three short legs.

The game occasionally interrupted by a phone call from Putin Saakashvili chewing his tie (”Hello! Speak! Perhaps someone spoiled!”), The warning that “the network has a virus Bulk”, which the player can send a basket (to Khodorkovsky). And in the lower right corner from time to time, the message “Shoigu network”, “Medvedev said in the network” or “Gryzlov in the network.”

Players can go inside the State Duma, having played in the “Duma” - an analog of the good old “Doom” and some equally good “Mario.” Putin in this game will go on the floors of the building and offices on the Hunter series, moving the red carpet. Accordingly, the Duma is filled with “corrupt” and “werewolves in epaulets” and corrupt officials in the Putin fired torpedoes and ogneshar, and he goes to the convergence and to advocate their methods of judo. Points are the numbers saved the state budget.

For those who like to collect puzzles have the opportunity to participate in the construction of the Olympic Sochi. It is necessary to collect the pieces of the actual sports venues.

Finally, there is a game for those who wish to demonstrate erudition: “O Lucky Man! Help Putin to join the WTO.” There is nothing easier: you only have to answer correctly to a dozen questions, for example, “Which account the Russian presidential election will now be?”.

And for those who love simple “shooters”, there is a “MAPS Glonass”: the disposal of the player - all the satellites orbital constellation, as unfriendly countries send their missiles at Russia. They need to knock down, and laser beams from satellites. In general, developers have tried creating a pretty decent and easy to use a toy, it Godea to while away the dreary hours in the office. Oh, and feel “a little Putin.”

28 February 2012

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