NSA and GCHQ spying players World of Warcraft, Second Life and Xbox Live

According to data published in the Guardian, New York Times and ProPublica December 9, 2013, the U.S. National Security Agency, NSA, and the British Government Communications Centre GCHQ monitored the information disseminated by users MMORPG World of Warcraft and Second Life, as well as within the community Xbox Live . In 2008, organizations were monitored messages to prevent terrorist propaganda and money laundering. However, no significant results, this work failed. More

9 December 2013

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• Xbox 360 more used to movies and music than for games »»»
In an interview with LA Times, Yusuf Mehdi (Yusuf Mehdi) from Microsoft said that last year the owners of the Xbox 360 were significantly more likely to use their console.
• Game "Happy Farmer" has become a reality. Players will run through the Internet this farm »»»
In a pilot project MyFarm British farm for the first time in history have entrusted the Internet community.
• China bans online games after child abduction for ransom to pay a monthly subscription to play »»»
Gentstvo Associated Press reports that China banned the advertising of
• Wargaming launched Turservice WGtravel with rewards for the players World of Tanks »»»
The developer of the game World of Tanks has launched a project WGtravel - service for the selection of tickets and hotel reservations online.
• Microsoft: Xbox on Windows 10 will differ from the Games for Windows Live »»»
After the failure of the service Games for Windows Live Microsoft has not been particularly active in the field of games for personal computers, instead focusing on consoles Xbox.