The release of Farming Simulator 15 simulation game farming

Farming Simulator 15 continues the successful theme of harvest on huge agricultural lands, as well as add new craft - logging and loading. In fact, the gameplay Farming Simulator is practically no different from their predecessors. The developers decided to take the path of wisdom and not to alter something that works perfectly well.

The game is presented in addition to the single-multiplayer and cooperative. Multiplayer mode can prove useful, given the scale of our “farm”. So, at the same time to collect and take back to the store can harvest up to 15 players simultaneously.

As befits a PC-game, Farming Simulator 15 soon will get a support “Workshop Steam”, through which users will be able to fill the game is not very helpful and modifications like new technology, tools and environments.

Strictly speaking, Farming Simulator 15 is not a full-fledged PC-exclusive, because at the beginning of next year, the game will register on the consoles of both current and past generation.

31 October 2014

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