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Phosphor Beta 1 - a stunning shooter, who works in a browser window with the help of technology Macromedia Shockwave3D. Support bots, different weapons, there is multiplayer. Very, very decent graphics

16 March 2006 | blog, browser, graphics, multiplayer, shooter, support, technology, weapons

Quiet extreme geocaching
EzheGO - touchstone “The key strategy

• Emulator Dendy (NES) in the browser window »»»
Now in the NES (the former USSR, more commonly known as the prefix Dendy), as well as GameBoy, Master System and a bunch of other consoles can play in the browser window without emulators!
• "Three Kingdoms" - a new game project for the same-name book series by Yuri Nikitin »»»
Company Area IT announces the beginning of work on a new game projects under the working title “Three Kingdoms” on the same-name book series by renowned science fiction writer Yuri Nikitin.
• Among game developers start trading ideas »»»
The company Games That Matter, working in the field of computer games, unveiled its business model, which can be called unique.
• WEBSCANER.RU \ \ Patch 1.3 for Quake 4 »»»
Created on the wave of success of patch 1.2, patch 1.
• BFG Sales »»»
Soon, some online stores can be to make an order for the purchase of the layout of futuristic weapons BFG, known to most fans of three-dimensional shooters Doom and Quake.