The Japanese bought up the entire stock of Sony Playstation 3 for six hours at 5 boxes per second

According to vendors and representatives of the company Sony, the whole circulation of hundreds of thousands of console buyers dismantled six hours - the hour of the day on the shelves or there was not one Playstation 3.

11 November 2006 | buyer, company, countertops, day, draw, h, japanese, seconds, sony playstation

World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade. Sales from January 16.
How to make a game routine and how to avoid the

• PS3 begin to cheapen .... »»»
Japanese fans consoles very lucky! Even today in Japan, the PlayStation 3 can be bought for far less money than before.
• PS2 - "pomatrosil and threw" »»»
If you suddenly decide that now, with the latter, Next-gene all previous consoles at once transferred to the level of waste and recycle, you are certainly mistaken - won, PlayStation 2 sold more than good to this day.
• Playstation3 reach Europe »»»
Already yesterday on the shelves of European shops appeared Playstation 3.
• At the weekend starts selling Nintendo console Wii »»»
November 19, on Sunday, Nintendo will begin selling the company in the United States, a new game console Wii.
• Microsoft game console will be released in Russia before the competitor from Sony »»»
In Russia start sales top box next generation XBox 360 from Microsoft.