Virtua Fighter 5

SEGA have once again demonstrated their care attitude to the adherents of the PlayStation 3 - first withhold Virtua Fighter 5 for better times, but now he announced the same to the enemy camp - Xbox 360.

Today the company officially announced that the fifth series of the popular franchise faytingovogo visit ” X-boxes shortly after the PS3-release, scheduled for February 20, 2007-th. With such a stretch break in dates can even be called exclusive - at the Microsoft game console will appear in late summer of next year.

22 December 2006 | playstation, ratio, sega, time, xbox

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Company with a capital letter “N” decided not to leave the brainchild of the recently released Wii unattended and today announced a regular lotion to her.
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10th May Rockstar Games at E3 officially announced that GTA: Vice City Stories will be released this year.
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In Russia start sales top box next generation XBox 360 from Microsoft.
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The British chain store Littlewoods imagines himself to be an early bird - despite the fact that Sony officially zavezet PlayStation 3 in Europe until the spring of next year, these Markets are already pricked to take pre-orders for the new console and the accompanying “gadgets”.
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President of entertainment console unit Microsoft, Robbie Bach, shared with an American edition of his thoughts about the pricing policy of the Corporation in respect of the Xbox 360.