Room for game Detonator [Video]

You’ll need a camera that can record the movement a little bit of code + + large room (preferably without obstacles) and a little enthusiasm.

23 January 2007 | code, movement

Fallout 3 will be shown “soon”
Beta-test STALKER

• Online game "Myst Online: Uru Live" will become Open Source »»»
Company Cyan Worlds resumed work site massive multiplayer online game “Myst Online: Uru Live” after his two years of inactivity.
• Jeu en ligne "Myst Online: Uru Live" deviendra Open Source »»»
Société Cyan Worlds reprend jeu site de travail en ligne massivement multijoueur “Myst Online: Uru Live” après ses deux années d’inactivité.
• Belarusian game World of Tanks hit the Guinness Book of Records »»»
Belarusian game World of Tanks included in the Guinness Book of Records.
• Falling George Bush »»»
It is necessary to pull George Bush for any part of the body and watch as he falls.
• Online-Spiel "Myst Online: Uru Live" wird Open Source »»»
Firma Cyan Worlds wieder Baustelle Massive-Multiplayer-Online-Spiel “Myst Online: Uru Live” nach den zwei Jahren der Inaktivität.