First look at Ultima Online: The Kingdom Reborn

Many people know that not so long ago was a kind of gaming event EA Mythic Press Event, where the company disclosed some details of their products. Among them are promising addition to the bearded MMORPG called Kingdom Reborn.

A shark from the journalistic sea could drag with them, even some video. However, you should not rejoice too early. After all, half of them is a simple interview with the developers.

But then comes the most gusto. Developers do not have to torment the soul of gamers and provide them to the attention of a few trailers of the gameplay of the product. Completely redesigned graphics, interesting animation, as well as other delights engine makes people think.

A sequence can be used to evaluate this link.

5 February 2007 | company, detail, developer, ea, events, kingdom reborn, opinion

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