Games with DirectX 9 brake “Vista”

Although, Microsoft has promised, but she could never be fully backward compatible new version of DirectX 10 (as we know, this version is completely rewritten, so radically different from previous), and older versions of DirectX. The radical changes that have taken place in the drivers, have negatively impacted the performance of old games from Windows XP, especially shooters. These issues indicate numerous complaints on gaming forums.

greatest number of problems arise with the popular “shooter” CounterStrike, Half-Life 2, Doom 3 and FEAR These games can be stopped at any time with an error message. Even if this does not happen, you still play became less pleasant: the performance of programs (frames per second) under Vista is much lower than under XP. According to experts, the problem several reasons: poor quality drivers, the complexity of Vista and the lack of cards that were originally optimized for DirectX 10.

12 February 2007 | company, directx, image, issue, microsoft, version

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