The most anticipated game in 2007 for PC

List of most anticipated games of 2007 on the personal computer in the opinion of the site gameland. Crysis, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, STALKER, Supreme Commander …

12 February 2007 | computer, crysis, list, pc, website

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Developers are preparing a new EVE Online MMORPG

• John Carmack spoke about DX10, Vista and the new consoles »»»
When the said John Carmack (John Carmack), the industry prefers to listen to his words.
• Computer outlaw murder »»»
The European Union declared war on computer and video games that promote violence, ITAR-TASS.
• Has been released a demo version of STALKER »»»
The company GSC Game World has released a multiplayer demo version of 3D-ekshena STALKER Now everyone wants to be able to touch, probably the most anticipated game of the past few years.
• Life is complicated »»»
Fans of GTA series worldwide in anticipation, only 184 of the fourth part of the series will be released.
• Gameland Award - Russie la première remise des prix dans le domaine de l'informatique et des jeux vidéo »»»
Le vote en ligne a déjà commencé sur le site de la cérémonie.