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Anton Popov presents data on how gamers are embedded in the business life companies - is better than the rest and that they are the most desirable employees

27 May 2006 | business, company, gamer, generation, life, staff

Hurry to see. Hellgate: London at E3
Mobile gaming consoles. Review of major developments over the past week

• EzheGO - the touchstone of "Game Kuo as being in a space-time »»»
Relations between “I” and “peace” - a very interesting question from the standpoint of eternity, from the standpoint of emptiness.
• Sergei Grigorovich: "Cossacks" brought more than $ 100 million »»»
Not too many companies from the former Soviet Union and the current CIS managed to successfully exit from their businesses to the boundaries of these alliances.
• Lost the sun »»»
Colleagues in the police department do not like the captain Anton Chelysheva.
• Lost die Sonne »»»
Kollegen in der Polizei nicht wie der Kapitän Anton Tschelichewa.
• Lost le soleil »»»
Chers collègues dans le département de la police n’aime pas le capitaine Anton Chelysheva.