Total 6202 U.S. dollars for nostalgia

On the eBay auction was sold to an unusual lot that can cause many people become nostalgic wildlife - game console NES (she’s Dandy), 670 licensed cartridges with all the games that have ever been released for the NES and 12 accessories for her sake.

15 February 2007 | auction, dollar, ebay, man, nes, nostalgia, prefix, usa

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• Game PlayStation 2 is 9 years old »»»
During this time, sold about 140 million consoles. In this regard, PS2 takes the first place, no other console so well sold.
• In GTA4 will play for the Russian? »»»
Released the first trailer Grand Theft Auto IV, and in addition to an advanced graphics, reminiscent of Half-Life 2 there is another point: the protagonist is not a black and a man who speaks with a pronounced Slavic accent: “Life is complicated.
• Virtual banks will give these loans »»»
The creator of the game, a Swedish company, MindArk is planning to hold an auction, which will be sold five banking licenses.
• $ 330,000 - for a virtual house and rolled the user game Entropia Universe »»»
Back in the day when developers just announced plans to
• Opened for play FOREX Currency: where to push the News? :) »»»
Previously, the most popular “exchanger” game currency on the Internet was auction eBay, where it was possible not only to buy the currency, but also to find any digital artifacts for almost any game.