Lenta.ru: Games: Call of Duty 2 released on the Mac

Company Aspyr Studios, which bought the rights to the game Call of Duty 2 by Activision, is to release a version of this game on the Mac, reports Pocket-lint. Version Call of Duty 2 for Apple computers will be able to work as a machine with a PowerPC, and on computers with a processor Intel.

28 May 2006 | activision, call, car, company, computer, duty, mac, processor, version

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• Released a patch for WarCraft 3 1.21a »»»
Released a new patch 1.21a for the popular RTS Warcraft 3.
• Fallout 3 will be shown "soon" »»»
Bethesda Softworks The company plans to demonstrate the game “in the near future.
• FAQ: Rig 3: The Conquest of America »»»
Q: When will the game? A: A beta version is scheduled for December 2006.
• The creators of Diablo release a free MMORPG »»»
The company Flagship Studios will release very similar to Diablo MMORPG called Mythos in 2007, reports Eurogamer.
• Chapter Blizzard has announced the impending withdrawal Starcraft 2 »»»
Paul Sams (Paul Sams), COO of Blizzard, the company responsible for the release of such hit games as Warcraft and Diablo, said his colleagues are working on the release of the continuation of one of the most popular in the history of real-time strategy Starcraft, reported on site Playfuls.