Ru.Gizmodo.Com: Games for iPod, soon?

Expected that soon the market will appear the game for the iPod, and moreover it will not Klondike solitaire or Minesweeper. According to rumors, the personnel manager Apple is gaining an army of programmers C / C + + with experience in game development “.

31 May 2006 | army, development, ear, experience, ipods, manager, market, programmer Games: Call of Duty 2 released on the Mac
DELETE YOURSELF! “Portable Xbox to be!

• 10 most anticipated games for the iPod »»»
Apple introduced the 9 games for fifth generation iPods, they can be downloaded from here for $ 4.
• 10 jeux les plus attendus pour l'iPod »»»
Apple a présenté le 9 jeux pour les iPod de cinquième génération, ils peuvent être téléchargés à partir d’ici pour 4,99 $ chacun.
• 10 am meisten erwarteten Spiele für den iPod »»»
Apple hat die 9 Spiele für iPods der fünften Generation, können sie von hier für $ 4,99 pro heruntergeladen werden.
• STALKER sent to print! »»»
The long-awaited shooter from GSC Game World - STALKER, six-let is in development and had already managed to gain fame as one of the most famous long lasting gaming industry, has been sent to press, and will appear in stores toward the end of March!
• 10 самых ожидаемых игр для iPod »»»
Apple представила 9 игр для iPod’ов пятого поколения, их можно скачать тут по цене $4.