PlayStation controllers will begin to vibrate

Sony and Immersion announced the settlement of a multi-year patent conflict arising due to the vibration function in controllers for the console PlayStation. Thanks to the agreement reached manipulators for video game systems PlayStation series will begin to vibrate during the game.

1 March 2007 | company, conflict, controller, dormouse, function, playstation, prefix

Near entered formal system view profiles of characters and guilds in World Of Warcraft
THQ will release a competitor World of Warcraft

• Nintendo officially comes to Russia's market »»»
Nintendo Company and “New CD” concluded a distribution agreement. The announcement of the beginning of the partnership coincided with the announcement in Russia, a new gaming console Nintendo Wii.
• GamePark offers PlayStation 3 for 21,990 rubles »»»
March 23, 2007 - the date of the official start of sales in Europe and PAL-territory.
• PS3 begin to cheapen .... »»»
Japanese fans consoles very lucky! Even today in Japan, the PlayStation 3 can be bought for far less money than before.
• Conceived gamepad for PS3 i VAIO »»»
Sony recently registered a new patent, entitled Hand-held computer interactive device, a description of which looks very intriguing.
• Avatars in video games will depend on the shape of a gamer - such as fat, along with the player. So Microsoft wants to make gamers care of their health »»»
Microsoft plans to patent the new system, whereby the appearance of avatars in games would be consistent view of the player.