Flash skipping rope with a very rapid habituation

90% of the atmosphere of this game makes the music. Made it from an old training video Duck and Cover (see video), which in 1950 spun in American schools. The game itself is a conglomeration of absurd effects, strange characters and colors straight from the LSD-velvet addict.

But be that as it may, it is very, very strongly OVERTIGHTEN!

3 March 2007 | atmosphere, avatar, effect, music, school, video

“STALKER” to “gold”
Began testing Windows Live Games

• Hammers of Fate will teach new magic tricks »»»
Produced by the game Heroes of Might & Magic V Kambune Fabrice (Fabrice Cambounet) shared new details regarding the emergent soon supplement called Hammers of Fate.
• Guide to the British election on May 7 ("Politico", USA) »»»
On Thursday, British voters go to the polls to elect a new prime minister.
• With the help of online games can be manipulated human beings »»»
A production center Rocketdog announced the launch of an innovative interactive online games, where characters become real people.
• Note terbium:: Video PS3 in action »»»
One of the visitors E3 (xtubbyx) took video of SONY PlayStation 3 in action, namely the work of its menu.
• Make a video - get a prize! »»»
At its twentieth Blizzard made a video where he told about all his accomplishments during those long twenty years.