Modern Dota-allstars

War of the Orcs and people continue in Warcraft III. Dota was a card for fun, now is the most famous mod for Warcraft III. The new version of Dota-allstars focuses on the development of the characters and their extraordinary abilities.
Update Dota-allstars - a multiplayer map (5×5 players) is designed for team play. Improved animation, added a bunch of new commands, visual effects (eg, Static Field, Omnislash) and a grand number of artifacts. Teams weather changes are now available to everyone and affect each individual. Among the global developments: the emergence of new secret shops, game timer, fixed several bugs. The game became even more exciting and requires thoughtful player campaign. Each player chooses a unique character, and in Dota them over 80, so the temptation to play the principal becomes its originality. Chosen hero you manage all the time. This will help you proposed a set of artifacts. But the money immediately to all you is not enough. A source for earning here is a military affairs: the net map of violent units and heroes of another clan, you earn money. Participants in the game can be from 2 to 10, Dota-allstars - is, first and foremost, the command map, and hence can help you, and you’ll be helping the other heroes!
success depends on teamwork team. Something may not turn out right, do not worry! By trial and error, after reading articles and studying the strategy, you will pass this way and become a skilled player!

16 March 2007 | development, entertainment, hero, man, map, power, version, war, warcraft

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