Living in Berlin played in the box from the game Counter-Strike

We put on paper glasses and see the hand, holding a Kalashnikov rifle. Takes off his glasses and went out into the street: on the sidewalk are wooden boxes from the game Counter-Strike from the map de_dust, cars rush past characters from the game Need for Speed, the yard is a giant marker with Google Maps. It looks like someone has mixed virtual and real worlds. Classmates

2 April 2007 | car, counter-strike, hand, machine, map, need, resident, street

GTA IV and a real New York. Compare
Command and Conquer 3 gorgeous

• In Counter-Strike will be advertising »»»
In-game advertising agency IGA Worldwide has signed an agreement with Valve to introduce advertising to Counter-Strike.
• Raschka - a virtual world for investors »»»
On the recommendation of Artema Eyskova involved in the game Raschka.
• Virtual banks will give these loans »»»
The creator of the game, a Swedish company, MindArk is planning to hold an auction, which will be sold five banking licenses.
• The student was expelled from school for the cards for Counter-Strike »»»
One of the disciples of the Texas School decided to try his hand at design levels and created a map for the popular game Counter-Strike, which is exactly like the plan the school, where he received education.
• World of Tanks has become one of the most profitable online games in the world »»»
Belarusian company developed Wargaming game World of Tanks has earned in 2013 372 million dollars, according to the newspaper "Vedomosti", citing data analyst firm SuperData.