In Japan, there was an exhibition devoted to the 100-year history of Nintendo

Nintendo was founded in Kyoto in 1889. The first business of the company were playing cards “hanafuda” (Hanafuda). In the sixties of the twentieth century, Nintendo tried her hand at some other areas, for example, has provided transportation services of the population, opened a network of “love hotels” and produced a quick-cooking rice.
After the popularity of cards “hanafuda” declined, the company was forced to seek new ways of development. In the seventies, Nintendo became interested in electronic games, while quite rare. Later the company became one of the leaders in the production of the consoles and games for them.
The exhibit shows artifacts from all stages of development of Nintendo, from playing cards to the latest consoles NDS and Wii. It is reported that the exposure was collected without any support from the company itself

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