Starcraft 2 will be announced on 19 May (+ screenshot)

According to Korean sources,, Blizzard is going to announce the long awaited continuation of the strategy StarCraft at home this game - in South Korea. For the third consecutive year the event The World Wide Invitational, where you meet the best players to fight with each other in games Blizzard., referring to a reliable source inside Blizzard, claims that the announcement of StarCraft 2 will occur there.

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• Blizzard Starcraft cost more than $ 100 million »»»
The cost of continuation of the popular real-time strategy StarCraft accounted for developer company Blizzard Entertainment over $ 100 million.
• In South Korea, depending on the game Starcraft treated with antidepressants »»»
Psychiatrists from the University of Chung prescribed in 11 patients who were diagnosed with dependence on online games (mostly - from the game Starcraft), an antidepressant called Bupropion.
• Starcraft 2 comes out this year? »»»
One of the leaders of the company Blizzard, Itzik Ben Bessat, announced a possible nearest exit to continue the game Starcraft at the presentation of a supplement to the World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade in London, reports Eurogamer.
• GameX 2007 introduced STALKERa »»»
One of the key events held this weekend in Moscow exhibition GameX 2007 has been a long-awaited appearance of “almost ready” version of STALKER you are developing for 10 years already.
• Chapter Blizzard has announced the impending withdrawal Starcraft 2 »»»
Paul Sams (Paul Sams), COO of Blizzard, the company responsible for the release of such hit games as Warcraft and Diablo, said his colleagues are working on the release of the continuation of one of the most popular in the history of real-time strategy Starcraft, reported on site Playfuls.