Compromised security system console Playstation 3

With hackers PSJailbreak claims that she was able to circumvent the protection of game console Playstation 3 and set on her own, and pirated software. PSJailbreak today released a set of software for the USB-drive, allowing console owners to carry out these operations c games and other content.

According to a video posted on an Australian website, PSJailbreak intend to conduct extensive testing USB-set, and then start selling its development over the Internet. The final version of the software must also be obtained and the program that allows to save on an external drive all or part of the contents of the hard drive PS3, which is also not originally provided by Sony.

The message PSJailbreak said that the development of excellent works on all existing consoles PS3, regardless of the date of release console. Also, developers say that their programs will allow console owners to get more control over their Playstation 3 and use it more efficiently.

21 August 2010

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