Very soon FIFA 12

So it’s good news for all fans of virtual soccer and more. Company Electronic Arts has officially announced that the game will go on sale September 27 in North America and September 30th has come in Europe.

Almost all platforms waiting for us fans an exciting action of the game. The most interesting is that the PC version will be almost no different from other platforms, only a new modern engine, which reflect the excellent physics of the game. And the rest of the PC version will be entirely the same as on other platforms. And this becomes pleasure to all lovers of the beautiful game. As promised the developers of the game to improve everything from graphics to very well developed thin regimes. So what are waiting for release and we’ll see.

5 September 2011

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• In Steam to Russia is already available Jagged Alliance - Back in Action »»»
Initially, the project was announced under the title Jagged Alliance 2: Reloaded.
• Beautiful illustrations Gran Turismo 5 »»»
Polyphony Digital and Sony have posted a Network of several new, insanely beautiful illustrations Gran Turismo 5 (GT5).
• The release of the puzzle Never Alone - Game of the indigenous peoples of Alaska »»»
Among the relatively large number of blockbusters, which were now on the shelves of the world.
• Indian leaders want the game about the colonization of America »»»
In the U.S., representatives of the indigenous population of the continent need to ban children’s board game, based on events played colonization of New England (the area in the Northeast U.
• Full development of DOOM 4 will begin in October »»»
Full-scale development shooter DOOM 4 will begin immediately after the release of Rage, said John Carmack (John Carmack).