Seoul equate online games Drugs

South Korean authorities want to equate computer games to drugs and alcohol. The relevant bill is pending in Parliament.

“We must build a nation free from the four dependencies: alcohol, drugs, gambling and computer” - said the deputy from the ruling party in the country and one of the authors of the bill Hwang Woo Ye.

If the bill is approved, the computer games industry have no chance of survival, so the leading gaming companies in the country as an exception even joined forces to oppose the adoption of the supporters of the law.

“It’s unthinkable. 100,000 people employed in the gaming industry does not produce drugs. Project will support parents, religious leaders and doctors, but not gamers,” - said in a statement the Association of Internet and digital entertainment in South Korea.
Noise around the law emphasizes the contradictions arising in South Korea. On the one hand, the Internet entrepreneurs are valued as a source of income for the innovative economy. On the other, parents are alarmed because of the negative impact of games on education, family and work for their children. Professional gamers in Korea can gain wealth and status comparable to the glory of sports stars, but the game as a leisure activity, according to parents and MPs threaten family values ​​and social order.

Online games industry in South Korea has quickly become one of the most popular in the world market. So, last year, the creators of the game Maple Story earned more than the famous pop singer hit Gangam Style, as well as film and audio industry of the world combined

13 December 2013

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