EzheGO - touchstone “The key strategy

First, do the four corners,
To protect them and to influence the parties.
Then overlap lines along the sides
So, to scattered stones from afar gazed into each other.

25 March 2006 | friend, line, party, stone, strategy

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EzheGO - the touchstone of “The Art of Business Strategy. The development of a strategic vision with the game Kuo

• The State Duma adopted a law on the factions "of small parties in regional parliaments »»»
The State Duma on Friday passed in the third and final reading a presidential bill to allow MPs from the “small lots” to form a regional parliaments and parliamentary faction association.
• Source Second Life will be entirely open »»»
The company Linden Lab, developer of the popular virtual universe Second Life, today announced plans to open source the server side of the universe.
• The perfect game for the office of plankton. »»»
Simulator perseverance, patience and culinary skills. By drawing a pencil line yaishnitsu rolls in the pan.
• Aliens vs Predator will issue in Russia »»»
So I think this game is known to all as “Aliens vs Predator” which once took pride of place in the rating games, and I think it took until now!
• CES 2010: Results of a press conference SONY »»»
Recently (4 30 am, Thursday) SONY ended the press conference at CES 2010, and of course, the editors managed to MadFanboy’ya corner of my eye to see what was in store mega corporation in 2010.