Editorial column Valery Korneev - EVIL, Issue 2

In the early nineties happened all, ice cream, first disappeared altogether, and then it was a hundred varieties at once, “Height” mutated into a dealership, and from it - in a multiplex in the Central Children’s World brought arcade machines from Japan and the U.S.. Bored Battleship quickly passed the position under the pressure of Mortal Kombat, Samurai Shodown, Revolution X, and After Burner. Soon existence Kuzminskoye hall slot machines completely weathered out of my head. Came the fashion for “dance” machines, the traditional arcade unsuccessfully fought the halls of the game in the jackpot, control panel Steel Battalion turned into an advanced arcade home teledivan.
Appeared LiveJournal. In LiveJournal user keichi overlaid photo essay on how to go to Kuz’minki play a slot machine.

10 November 2006 | arcade, facilities, issue, japan, livejournal, machine, world

WOW 2.0 - Second Life, House-3, and other online games not yet released “Corporate Secrets”
World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade. Sales from January 16.

• Classroom Time Beat »»»
Say that in Japan such tests are the people of those professions that require memorization of details.
• Cubic plane curve Revolution »»»
A couple of weeks ago under the heading “Things” got into a device resembling a Rubik’s Cube - Rubik’s Revolution.
• In Japan, the game appeared urinals Sega, controlled stream of urine »»»
Sega has established a company in the four bars and the halls of slot machines urinals equipped with pressure gauges and digital displays.
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By far the most popular and beautiful fashion in Diablo
• Les Chroniques de théâtre de la guerre en Libye. 9 mars 2011 »»»
9 mars journalistes étrangers a finalement réussi à trouver dans le ciel par la Libye le même avion libyen terrible.