Who potesnit World of Warcraft?

I looked at the screenshots and think WoW is invincible? Is no competitors Blizzardu? :-)
“… respectable set of seventeen new screenshots from Warhammer Online: Age Of Reckoning appeared in the network, demonstrating the upcoming MMORPG species in the known universe from Mythis Entertainment. The game turned in the era of the most brutal conflict of all races that are in an already difficult time decided to recall the old enmities and to reduce the ancient abacus. Empire suffers from a terrible epidemic of plague (Chaos Plague), the Dwarfs in their mountain attacked the huge hordes of small green-beings. Empire, being connected ancient oath, compelled to send to World’s Edge Mountains portion their troops, even stronger by weakening their already ravaged by the plague of the army. And in that rainy day is heaven sent new threat. Under the sign of the eclipse from the northern wasteland came armada of chaos, devastating the frontier of the Empire and sweeping away everything in its path. Caught between the green horde On the one hand and the armies of Chaos on the other hand, the Empire and Dwarfs saw their salvation in elves. After receiving a desperate call for help, elven king sent to the aid of a powerful fleet of warships with the battalions of his warriors. But as soon as the anchor was cast in the imperial capital, came news of a new misfortune: the insidious dark elves invaded the elven stronghold, threatening to massacre all there is left. Empire, the elves and dwarves have realized that you were the victim of a cunning plan that can be drawn only Malekith, head of the dark elves. And this is true .. . Caught on all sides, elves, dwarves and men enter into alliance, raising Alliance of Order, vowing no let down arms until then, until the enemies are not defeated. So, the greatest armies that ever saw the world, ready to face the epic battle. This is the sunrise of a new era, an era of fierce competition and deadly conflict, the insidious treachery and legendary heroism. It - Warhammer Online: Age Of Reckoning. Actually, in this maelstrom of events, developers, and offer to plunge the player. ”

19 November 2006 | competitor, mmorpg, network, recruitment, screenshots, view, warcraft, warhammer online, world

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