Patch killer

Perhaps this month from the producers of consoles, this black stripe. Microsoft recently pierced with updating Xbox’ov: download the patch deduced from the console system. Now Nintendo suffered the same misfortune: the November update for the Wii console leads to breakage of this. It is not known what damage the nodes unfortunate update, which is quite logical. But the number of complaints has already exceeded all reasonable limits.

25 November 2006 | console, manufacturer, microsoft, month, patch, prefix, update, xbox

Video game console Nintendo Wii - impressions eyewitness
FBI and NCsoft - along merrier

• Judicial patch »»»
It happened a little continuation of the story a month ago - when the autumn Xbox 360 firmware upgrade put out of hundreds of boxes.
• Meeting players from World of Warcraft Illidan held in Patch 2.1.0 »»»
Section Under Development official website released information about the new Instance The Black Temple, which will appear in the next content update 2.
• BBC investigates "higher mortality" among Xbox 360 »»»
Many users of the Xbox 360 has had to face the fact that their console to deteriorate after a few months, weeks or even days after purchase - online forums are full of heartbreaking stories about people who had changed from three to four consoles.
• Microsoft disabled the 600 thousand Xbox 360 from Xbox Live »»»
Company Microsoft has blocked access to Xbox Live for about 600 thousand Xbox 360.
• Patch for heroes 5 »»»
That’s left the long-awaited patch version 1.1. Patch for the Russian version Download - 38.