A gamer-killer

November 20, in Germany, a fan of shooters, took up arms, went to school, which were concerned he was not too successful the past. Opened in a building fire, he killed 12 people and wounded 27. The German government could not stand aside and issued a series of new decrees, directly related to computer games. First, it is now prohibited the development and distribution of games that contain scenes of shootings and killings, and secondly, in addition to imposing a fine developers, the penalty incurred, and a gamer, have played in such a project. But the penalty - not the worst, because the law also provides for imprisonment for a term exceeding one year.

7 December 2006 | fan, fine, germany, hand, man, november, school, shooter, weapons

The first round in the battle between the Xbox 360 and PS3 has won the …
Playstation3 fall in Europe not earlier than September 2007.

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Console Modern Warfare 2 does not officially released in Russia, but officially released in the U.