The average age of PC-gamer - 42 years!

Analyst firm NPD Group released a report Gamer Segmentation 2010 (Games Segmentation 2010), where you can find lots of interesting information. For example, analysts have found that …

4 June 2010

RF State Duma in improving the country’s image among gamers: evil soldiers and vodka change Onegin, crushing zombie
With the help of online games can be manipulated human beings

• Asia led to the crisis MMORPG »»»
Analysts Strategy Analytics Digital Media reported that this year global market multiplayer online games will grow by 60% to $ 8 billion.
• Results issledvaniya ESA: The average age of American gamers is 37 years old »»»
American Association of Software and Computer Games Entertainment Software Association (ESA) conducted a study to determine the average age of amateur virtual entertainment.
• Asien führte MMORPG aus der Krise »»»
Die Analysten von Strategy Analytics Digital Media berichtet, dass in diesem Jahr globalen Markt Multiplayer Online-Spiele werden um 60% auf $ 8000000000 wachsen.
• China has created an online game to train specifically for the military »»»
China has completed development of online games Glorious Mission, focused on the military.
• Within two years, Intel will introduce its 16-core gaming GPU »»»
Became available information about some plans for Visual Computing Group (VCG), the group created by Intel for the preparation of discrete graphics accelerators.