Series Game Gears of War made a billion dollars

Trilogy third person shooter Gears of War brought a publisher Microsoft Studios and developers from Epic Games $ 1 billion

Yesterday, the first results were announced sales of Gears of War 3. A week after the launch (release of the world on 22 September) around the world have sold over three million copies of the game. Microsoft Studios notes that 2.15 million accounts in the United States.

Total sales of all games in the series has reached 14.38 million, of which almost 10 million Americans purchased. Recall that the first game was released in November 2006, the only part of the trilogy, which appeared not only on MS-console, but on the PC, the second and third game attention bestowed only Xbox 360. Of course, the final outcome of the strike early, but now is considered the best-selling Gears of War 2 - slightly more than 6 million copies.

30 September 2011

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