Computer Shooting alter brain for a week

Brutal video games and computer entertainment for many years, the favorite targets of criticism. However, activists who argue about the corrupting influence of games on the younger generation does not often refer to specific results of scientific research. Fears of psychologists and social workers were confirmed recently when a group of American scientists in the experiment was convinced of the influence of computer games on the brain work.

Researchers from the Medical College in Indiana, told of his discovery at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America. As it became known, the study involved 22 young people, each of which is before the experiment was subjected to magnetic resonance imaging and underwent a series of psychological tests.

One group of subjects was asked to play in three-dimensional shooter at least 10 hours per week. The remaining participants were asked to refrain from computer entertainment during this period. A week later, a group of “gamers”, subjected to magnetic resonance imaging was recorded reduced activity of certain parts of the brain. We are talking about parts of the frontal lobes, which are responsible for cognitive functions, helping people to control their emotions and to some extent responsible for aggressive behavior.

Scientists say that the experimental results do not permit unequivocal statements. Any unusual or new activity causes small changes in the brain, pop out when scanning. Thus, the relationship between addiction to gambling and a particular behavior can be considered a relative.

Comforting news for parents will be the fact that a week later observed changes were less noticeable. However, scientists believe that there is any connection between the computer and fun functioning brain should cause concern.

1 December 2011

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