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10 September 2010

Built Borderlands release Duke Nukem Forever

• In South Korea to ban free online games »»»
In the near future, South Koreans may lose access to all shareware online games.
• U Hosters seized servers with pirated online game LineAge II »»»
Employees of “K” MIA of Russia withdrew from hosting companies with servers located on their software for a multiplayer online role-playing game LineAge II.
• U Hoster-Server mit Raubkopien beschlagnahmt Online-Spiel Lineage II »»»
Die Mitarbeiter der “K” MIA Russland zog sich aus der Hosting-Unternehmen mit Servern auf, ihre Software für ein Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game befindet Lineage II.
• Coft, Games new portal on the Internet »»»
Coft Portal, Latest Free Games, Free Videos, Deshovye Dedik Server, Sell ICQ UIN, Graphics, Programs for Sotvyh phones.
• There was release of the transport economic strategy of real time OpenTTD 1.0.0 »»»
After 6 years after the start of development and three Release Candidates OpenTTD game reached version 1.