Ministry of Defence has spent 36 million rubles for the development of “Minesweeper” and “Battleship”

Defense posted on its website four flash games, three of which - “Minesweeper,” “Tetris” and “Battleship” - there are other develope[t:tag slug=razrabotchik]developers, “Test for the rank of” suspiciously similar to the fraudulent crafts with SMS. At the same time on the development of the information portal of Ministry of Defense in 2011, the budget has been spent 36 million rubles.

According to the developers of these computer games, the military is seriously overpaid. Anton Agranovskii, CEO of Destiny Development, which develops teen, felt that even if the Ministry of Defense created a posting on its website of the game itself, each game could cost more than 320 thousand rubles.

- The maximum each of the games that are now on the website the Ministry of Defense, is the maximum monthly efforts of three people - a programmer, flasher and the artist. Salary flasher 45-50 thousand rubles a month, a computer programmer - 100 thousand, an artist - 100 thousand other words, the ceiling creating a game, even with the purchase of computers and electricity costs, is $ 10 thousand - said in an interview Agranovskii ” Izvestia. ”

- Over 30 million rubles, you can make really good game level “tops online” or “Legends of the Dragons”, with lots of elements, high-quality graphics, high load, which will keep in line about 10 thousand players and they will be really interesting - explained the developer.

However, the head of the Press and Information Ministry of Defense Igor Konashenkov explained that the game hold only a small part of the information portal, which was established on the money.

- Created by the War Department information portal - a completely new information platform, which has virtually unlimited potential for further development and filling of multimedia content. It consists of dozens of topics, telling about the various aspects of the armed forces and aimed at different age groups of Internet users - said Konashenkov.

The idea of ​​a military computer game in which children could play “in Russian, but not for Americans,” stated Secretary of State Ministry of Defense Nikolai Pankov, in June 2010 on the joint board of the Prosecutor General, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Education and Minsportturizma. His proposal was a response to criticism of the then Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Sobyanin, who described the existing methods of patriotic education “mossy” and ineffective.

A year later, President Dmitry Medvedev proposed the creation of the Russian equivalent of the famous online game World of Warcraft. Two months later, in September 2011, the Ministry of Education held a contest for the creation of 90 million rubles technical core (engine) of this game. However, due to lack of participants, he did not take place.

10 January 2012

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