“Happy Farmer” the harvest of 20 million dollars

“Happy Farmer” - a game application for “Vkontakte. This application was launched in April last year and since then has brought about $ 20 million, told “Vedomosti” Alexei Kostarev - founder of I-Jet, which has issued a game. This is an absolute record for Russia’s market of games for sotssetey whose volume in 2009 amounted to about $ 30 million, said Nikita Sherman - founder of game developer Drimmi.
“Happy Farmer”, according to Kostareva, was developed by a Chinese company Elex. I-Jet has licensed a game in Russia. She said Kostarev seriously reworked the structure of the play, translated it into Russian, and added “intriguing” condition: the user should be invited to play three friends. During the first two weeks of “farmer” won 1 million players.
Costs I-Jet to the game Kostarev it difficult to calculate: the company’s managers are working in parallel on several projects. The cost of localization and servers are relatively small - Sherman of Drimmi evaluates them in a few tens of thousands of dollars.
$ 20 million divided between social networks, the publisher and developer, says Kostarev. “In contact” uses about half of revenue, the publisher donates a quarter of a developer, leaving a quarter - this layout gives the source of the largest producer of games. Kostarev is not commented.

24 March 2010

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