RF Interior Ministry prohibited the console version of Call of Duty

Console Modern Warfare 2 does not officially released in Russia, but officially released in the U.S. and Europe. Here is the one episode that caused so much noise and as a result of the ban is over the console versions of the game in our country. What should be noted. First - before this stage there are at least two Checkpoint, warning that the stage can be skipped and it may shock some people, Checkpoint can not skip. Second - in this scene you are playing not for American soldiers, as well as a Russian ultra-radical terrorist Makarova. And the third - you can not shoot at civilians, except for those who would try to shoot you (and protection). The rest - you decide.

10 November 2009 | call, country, duty, episode, europe, output, russia, stage, version

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Microsoft disabled the 600 thousand Xbox 360 from Xbox Live

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