The global online games market in 2011 grew by 23%, to $ 20 billion

According to forecasts, in 2013 it will reach 26.7 billion dollars, the report says research firm J’son & Partners Consulting.
The total number of users of online games in the world up to 2011 amounted to 534 million people, and in 2013 this figure could reach 734 million people.

The largest share by revenue in the global market - 30.5% - is the United States. Russia’s share in global market is insignificant and amounts to little more than 3%.

The share of sales of games MMO (massively multiplayer online game) had about 68% of the total online gaming market in the world. The dominance of sales in this segment is due, above all, a lot of “hardcore” players that make a game of this type have the highest ARPU (average revenue per user per month).

In this case we can already note the growth segment of social games in the world. Growth in revenues from social games can be attributed to the massive nature of this kind of games and the growing popularity of social networking.

At the top 3 providers of games - Blizzard (USA), Tencent (China) and Shanda (China) - together account for more than 20% of the global online games market. Analysts J’son & Partners Consulting forecast for the coming years, the most active development of this game of Chinese manufacturers.

The volume of Russian market of online games on the results of 2011 amounted to 668 million dollars, and by 2013 could reach $ 1 billion, according to analysts.

The increase in the Russian audience online games due to the rapid growth of social games players. Audience MMO-games increases linearly with the development of broadband access. The highest percentage of users who pay the players of online games in the segment MMO. The share of paying players in the social games is growing and exceeds 23% by 2013. This will reduce the number of players in the casual games.

Now, most players are paid MMO games - 66.2%, followed by casual games - 33.4% and finally the social game - 21.3%.

The global market for mobile gaming content demonstrates stable growth. In 2011 the market volume reached 5.8 billion dollars, representing 20% ​​of the total mobile content market in the world.

Russia’s share in the global market for mobile games in 2011 is about 1%. However, the growth of mobile game content in Russia markedly accelerated. Thus, in 2010 the market grew by 22%, the increase is for 2011 amounted to 41%. By the end of 2012, experts expect an explosive growth in this segment of the market in almost 64%. The share of Russia in the global market, according to J’son & Partners Consulting, reaches almost 4% - an increase of 3 percentage points compared with 2011 year.

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28 April 2012

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