The best five games in 2015

Every year comes a huge number of computer games, but very few of them deserve attention. Below is a list of the best PC games released in 2015 and which is not a pity to spend your time.

1) Grand Theft Auto V.

The game was released April 14, the long-awaited 5th part of the famous game immediately broke all ratings and brought the creators of one billion for the first week of sales. This is a game for adults, based on the child cruelty.

2) The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Released May 19. Many fans of The Witcher eagerly awaited release. Immediately pleased stunning beautiful fantasy world that is allowed to explore. You can sail the seas, ride on horseback, to dive under the water - in short, to do absolutely everything that comes to mind.

3) Ori and the Blind Forest.

Released on March 11. This game is extremely simple, unpretentious, but it’s a fantastic, mysterious. In the story, the little piece of paper pulled from the tree during the storm and turned into a mysterious animal Ori. He met a very nice polar bear and they began to travel together, but then came the evil and Ori must now save the forest.

4) Pillars of Eternity.

Released on March 26. The protagonist - an ordinary man who suddenly began to see ghosts and communicate with them. Throughout the game, he’s trying to figure out how it happened, what to do and who to blame. During the game will have a lot to communicate with the dead and kill people with the same gift, which went astray on this basis.

5) Heroes of the Storm.

Released June 2. This is an online game, the whole gameplay is designed to work in a team. You can choose any character in a huge amount of capabilities settings, different styles to choose from. It is possible to edit the appearance of the hero and mounts. No limits. You want to create a bald dwarf on a pink pony? The game does not mind.

17 June 2015

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