Call of Duty: Black Ops - the best selling game in history?

The question mark in the title of the post is not by accident - these informal sales, Activision has not yet shared the figures. But some arithmetic operations are performed editors VGChartz. Calculations showed that the first day of sales were sold over 7 million copies of the game (including 4.5 million boxes of pre-order). These bold conclusions confirm the activity on the servers of Black Ops. For more than four million people who play in this action movie online, recorded in the Xbox LIVE. Similar, but smaller numbers demonstrate PlayStation Network. PC gamers are still, unfortunately, out of work - the PC-version of the game suffers from lag (Treyarch is working on a patch).

The most popular version of the game - for Xbox 360 (59% of buyers have preferred it), PS3 behind (36%), the remaining share is distributed between the versions for PC, Wii and DS.

11 November 2010

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