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2 January 2010 | website

Aliens vs Predator will issue in Russia
CES 2010: Results of a press conference SONY

• SHAHMATON, drafts and other Tim »»»
A resident of Pavlodar, alias Ahmadil, invented a few games on the chess checkers theme.
• Funny Economy Theme Park »»»
As possible a detailed review (with screenshots) and has a wonderful classic game Theme Park, from a religious person in the game industry like Peter Molyneux.
• Turbomashinki »»»
Race for survival for over secret machines. A scientist from the future well-tried on his miracle of technology.
• A blogger made a parody of Second Life »»»
The popular Canadian blogger made a parody of the project site Sesond Life.
• Chapter Blizzard has announced the impending withdrawal Starcraft 2 »»»
Paul Sams (Paul Sams), COO of Blizzard, the company responsible for the release of such hit games as Warcraft and Diablo, said his colleagues are working on the release of the continuation of one of the most popular in the history of real-time strategy Starcraft, reported on site Playfuls.