Readers will be the first to play the computer game “House MD”

Company Russobit-M “/ GFI has released a long awaited release of computer games,” Dr. House “, designed by Legasy Interactive under license by the popular television series of the same name. Even today, readers, Dr. Hausa fans and lovers of casual computer games, will plunge into the world of extraordinary character and his team. Download the trailer and play with us! Special Project “Doctor House on” reverberates in Social Media.

11 October 2010

Alex Garland about games, art, and Enslaved
Do not let men play!

• China bans online games after child abduction for ransom to pay a monthly subscription to play »»»
Gentstvo Associated Press reports that China banned the advertising of
• Network shooter Team Fortress 2 was free »»»
Valve Company has made online shooter Team Fortress 2 for free.
• World of Tanks: update to version 7.2. »»»
The developers of the popular online game World of Tanks (World of Tanks) reported that the update worked 7.
• In South Korea's launching of the world computer games - similar to the real Olympic sport »»»
This is - similar to the real Olympic sport, which will bring together about 20 000 “on-line athletes’ Computer games are a real sport because they are accompanied by chants and fans.
• In Georgia, created a computer game against the Red Army in 1921 »»»
A new computer game “Kakutsa Cholokashvili” based on the events of 1921 and the Georgian troops fight the Red Army.