“Best Game 2006″ by GameSpot

As usual, in ice cold winter time everyone likes to sum up the year. Industrial publications roll out their ratings of important events, and gaming sites - awarded to the best titles.

Number of such publications is directly proportional to the number of publications and websites. That is - a natural way off scale, and to publish them all on our site, we can not and will not keep pace. But to ignore the reports of large Comp. we will not.

old and respected resource GameSpot - just one of them. The other day site has the eleventh award ceremony “The Best and Worst 2006, most of which we are to you and offer.

Also encourage you to read (and rate) with a separate category of” dubious accomplishments, which included the nomination as the “most despicable internal “advertising”, “Total Rubbish Year”, “The worst use of celebrity voices, and the like.

Best adventure shooter:
Dead Rising (Xbox 360)

best racing sim ……. .

24 December 2006 | edition, event, gamespot, number, rating, result, website

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• Gameland Award - Russia's first awards ceremony in the field of computer and video games »»»
Online voting has already begun on the site of the ceremony.
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Enjoys enormous prestige English-language version of the game resource IGN.com was another nobody wanted, but extremely curious rating.
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March 11 this year in San Francisco will hold its annual Awards ceremony in game development Game Developers Choice Award.
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Western observers have met a very cool project of Duke Nukem Forever, the development of which took about 14 years.
• The first results of sales of the game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim »»»
Role-playing game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, created by Bethesda Game Studios, showed the second result in the race named the “most fluttering game of the year.