STALKER is already available in shops

Long-term construction STALKER, which is making for five years, it seems really comes out this year. And although the release of 23 March of 2007, the game can already be pre-ordered from online stores. But is it worth? This article.

31 January 2007 | e-shop, march, release

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• Preview STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl »»»
Lord, stalkers promise in March! Well, as long as an overview, description and, of course, the screenshots!
• STALKER sent to print! »»»
The long-awaited shooter from GSC Game World - STALKER, six-let is in development and had already managed to gain fame as one of the most famous long lasting gaming industry, has been sent to press, and will appear in stores toward the end of March!
• The long-awaited STALKER on sale now »»»
At an extraordinary meeting dedicated to the official release of the game STALKER, was unanimously supported the proposal to declare March 23 as World Day stalker!
• Hellgate: London - release scheduled for the summer »»»
One of the most famous long-term construction, a hybrid of action games and role-playing game Hellgate: London, found a more or less approximate date of release.
• BFG Sales »»»
Soon, some online stores can be to make an order for the purchase of the layout of futuristic weapons BFG, known to most fans of three-dimensional shooters Doom and Quake.