Translation of a report about a press conference with Warhammer Alliance

Three reports on the telephone press conference, EA Mythic on Warhammer Online was not limited to - his version, introduced and Warhammer Alliance. At this time we decided to make you a little surprise - on our website posted a full translation of this article.

25 February 2007 | article, ea, option, report, surprise, translate, warhammer online, website

Personal mercenaries!
Meeting players from World of Warcraft Illidan held in Patch 2.1.0

• Japanese doubles allowed an unforgivable mistake in the localization of Modern Warfare 2 »»»
Modern Warfare 2 has become a hit in Japan, with a surprise for all dialing 39 from 40 points in the magazine Famitsu.
• Who potesnit World of Warcraft? »»»
I looked at the screenshots and think WoW is invincible?
• Splinter Cell: Double Agent Demo »»»
Released a demo version of Splinter Cell: Double Agent. In two versions: a single (one mission) and multiplayer (one card).
• THQ will release a competitor World of Warcraft »»»
Company Games Workshop and THQ announced that they will release a new massively multiplayer role-playing game, events that will develop in the Warhammer 40000, reported on the website Bit-tech.
• Online games in China became possible only under real names. From May 1, mandatory identification of identity cards »»»
Play online games in China becomes possible only under real names.