The whole truth about Second Life

Unhealthy skin color and hair fairy do not get out of the local perceptions of normality. For example, Stock Exchange is managed by the giant protein

25 April 2007 | color, presentation, second life

Falling George Bush
DirectX 10 are porting to Linux and MacOS

• Finam will invest elves and goblins »»»
By partnership agreement concluded with the game Wizards World, players can buy in a magical “Bank” special artifacts “mutual funds”, which can increase its value depending on the actions of portfolio managers.
• Birds On A Wire »»»
“Gameplay is like the old 16-bit hit Bust-A-Move: Managing gun at the bottom of the screen, you must gather groups of same-color balls, trying to stay within the allotted time.
• American gamers are disappointed in PS3 »»»
Some American players who managed to buy the PlayStation 3.
• PS3 trying to exchange for Wii »»»
Start the PlayStation 3 was far from straightforward. And now we have enough problems of Sony Corporation.
• Opened for play FOREX Currency: where to push the News? :) »»»
Previously, the most popular “exchanger” game currency on the Internet was auction eBay, where it was possible not only to buy the currency, but also to find any digital artifacts for almost any game.