U Hosters seized servers with pirated online game LineAge II

Employees of “K” MIA of Russia withdrew from hosting companies with servers located on their software for a multiplayer online role-playing game LineAge II.

4 March 2010

Internet friends helped a blind gamers get a video game
A pair of gamers in South Korea’s growing virtual child starved to death three-month daughter

• Online game "Myst Online: Uru Live" will become Open Source »»»
Company Cyan Worlds resumed work site massive multiplayer online game “Myst Online: Uru Live” after his two years of inactivity.
• The release strategy of Might & Magic: Heroes VI »»»
Game Might & Magic: Heroes VI, continuation of the famous turn-based role-playing series of strategies on sale, like publisher Ubisoft.
• Fight for YouTube-channel alconafter. The investigation "Kanobu" »»»
July 21 the company Gaijin Entertainment has blocked the channel alconafter (Kirill Fedorov), one of the most popular videoblogerov engaged multiplayer military action movie.
• The results of the qualifying round of WCG 2011 in Novosibirsk »»»
Qualifiers World Cyber ​​Games 2011 Russia Preliminary West-Siberian region held on 6 - and 7 August in Novosibirsk.
• Military asking gamers to help in the fight against Somali pirates »»»
The first question that may arise when reading the headline: “What has the gamers?