World Cyber Games 2010 Belarus - photo report

I was able to visit at this year’s WCG, not only as a spectator, but as a staff (staff).

Semifinal held at the House of Culture Tractor Plant (MTZ DK).

At this year’s semi-final a record number of teams - 120, so the game took place in 2 days. Officially, it all started on July 31 and should end in late August 1, but the organization of the event was held on July 30. July 30 at approximately 22:00 brought the first batch of computers and monitors (approximately 30 pieces), just had to bring 50 computers. In DK MTW made 3 play areas.

3 August 2010

China bans online games after child abduction for ransom to pay a monthly subscription to play
Cult critic Vladimir “Nomad” Goryachev cult resource rating to a cult real-time strategy Starcraft II

• In South Korea's launching of the world computer games - similar to the real Olympic sport »»»
This is - similar to the real Olympic sport, which will bring together about 20 000 “on-line athletes’ Computer games are a real sport because they are accompanied by chants and fans.
• Life is like a tank. Ukraine embraced a new passion - the online game World of Tanks »»»
Daily brutal tank battles killed up to 3 million Ukrainians who immediately raised, and again into the battle.
• In Samara, voters are invited to play a game of "pick himself mayor." In this game always wins one candidate - from the "United Russia" »»»
October 10 in Russian single day of voting - will be elected by the parliaments of dozens of municipalities, mayors and six Regional Legislative Assembly.
• The President of Venezuela against the PlayStation »»»
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez in a weekly radio-TV show “Alo Presidente” said the Sony PlayStation game consoles are “road to hell” for local kids, as promoting cigarettes, alcohol and drugs.
• On the first day sales of video game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 sold a record circulation of 9 million copies »»»
Worldwide sales of video game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 broke all records: for the first day it was sold 9 million copies of the shooter.