EA will provide the best games on GAMESCOM 2011

EA will provide the best games on GAMESCOM

* FiFA 12: A game for all fans of virtual soccer.

* Battlefield 3: The most ambitious thriller, a battle will attend 64 people at once.

* STAR WARS ®: The Old Republic ™: Players are waiting for 36 stations and 16 Origin Worlds for PvP

* Need for Speed ​​™ The Run: Participants will be able to drive sports cars from the Golden Gate Bridge to New York.

* The Sims ™ 3: Pets: will be provided for all platforms.

* Mass Effect ™ 3: A full-scale galactic battle.

* The Sims ™ Social: New Project for Facebook

* The Secret World: will be presented with a demo version of the battles in the dungeon.

19 August 2011

Announcement Counter-Strike: Global Offensive took place officially
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