The best simulation of all time was late for 11 years -

Disk with toys for consoles Sega CD, been conceived as made popular in America comedians Penn and Teller, had yet to see the light 11 years ago. But only now emerged. One of the games on the disc - Desert Bus (The bus in the desert) - a real masterpiece in the gaming industry. Such games have no one ever created.

2 March 2006 | drive, light, people, prefix, sega, simulator, time, toy, usa

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• Game Mario »»»
Probably everyone remembers these game consoles like Sega or the Dandy, and of course games that were popular in those days.
• PS2 - "pomatrosil and threw" »»»
If you suddenly decide that now, with the latter, Next-gene all previous consoles at once transferred to the level of waste and recycle, you are certainly mistaken - won, PlayStation 2 sold more than good to this day.
• Yakuza 2 conquers Japanese market »»»
There are reports that the game Ryu ga Gotoku 2, outside of Japan, known as Yakuza 2, enjoys great popularity in his homeland.
• Virtua Fighter 5 »»»
SEGA have once again demonstrated their care attitude to the adherents of the PlayStation 3 - first withhold Virtua Fighter 5 for better times, but now he announced the same to the enemy camp - Xbox 360.
• New toys Yandex »»»
Are New Year’s toys lying around in the closet? Let it be virtual toys.